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New Universal Interior Detailer

We think interior cleaning is an underrated aspect of car care. Yes, cleaning under the seats and around the cupholders seems daunting, but this is the area where a person spends most of their time in their car, after all.

B&B Blending recently launched a silicone-free universal interior detailer that is innovative and unique!

The new Universal Interior Detailer is suitable for any interior surface of the vehicle including the dash, door panels, plastics, vinyl, glass, navigation screens, leather, carpet and upholstery.

This Universal Interior Detailer is a jack-of-all-trades.

This water-based, non-silicone formulation contains an active cross-linking polymer that generates a surprisingly durable, matte finish, non-greasy, streak-free surface protection that lasts up to 90-days per application.

Additionally, the formulation contains a UV scavenger, odor encapsulant, chelates, and a powerful blend of cleaning surfactants that remove sticky residues, dust, fingerprints, smudges, dirt, and stains. When used on textiles, agitation will produce a foaming action. Spray onto a microfiber towel and/or directly onto the surface. Wipe area and flip to a dry portion of the towel and wipe clean. For use on carpet and upholstery agitate using a microfiber or brush.


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