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Leather Car Interior


What is a Dressing?

B&B Blending's Dressings are a unique chemical formula that is intended to restore, and revitalize black rubber that has faded over time. It's applied to vehicle tires (after they have been washed) which delivers a deep, rich, and high gloss or dark appearance of the tire. If you're looking to add a scientifically and perfectly made Dressing product to your line fill out the quote form below! 


Silicone / Non-Silicone

Silicone: Resistant to heat and pressure, flawless film forming silicones effectively provide a thermal protective layer.

 Non silicone Products created by B&B Blending are formulated to be safe for using in fresh paint environments, thus the term, Body Shop Safe.

Vinyl and Rubber Dressings and Cleaners from B&B Blending.jpg

Leather, Vinyl & Rubber

A solvent dressing that imparts a satin gloss to interior or exterior rubber or vinyl surfaces. Water-resistant, for long lasting protection. The rubber and vinyl dressings that B&B Blending offers are ready to use, fast acting, and have great scents. 

B and b blending silicone and non silicone tire dressings tire shines.jpeg

Tire Dressings

B&B Blending's tire dressings helps prevent cracking, fading, and hardening of tires. Tire dressings also helps revitalize rubber while leaving a rich shine.

Ready to add a Dressing to your product line?

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