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Contract Manufacturing

We provide everything from simple chemical blends for small companies and distributors to complex contract chemical tolling for some of America’s most recognizable companies. We work with everyone from Government buyers all the way to small private companies.

From our plant, we ship chemicals across the country and around the world. We are known for our technical expertise in chemical tolling with fast turnaround time at our chemical processing facility. Chemical blending with B&B Blending means a short and reliable - US Based- supply chain for you and your customers.

Our team blends your chemicals to contract with strict confidentiality.

Our job is to:

  • Blend or synthesize your proprietary chemical product in our specialized chemical tolling facility.

  • Package the chemical solution

  • Deliver it to you or your customer anywhere in the country or around the world.

Organizations, sanitation professionals, and other companies that use our products have customers and guests that notably enjoy the many benefits of cleaner, healthier environments. 

B&B Blending proudly serves clients in car care, agriculture, medical, hospitality, education, food service industries, Building Service Contractors (BSCs) and various municipalities.


B&B Blending provides a wide range of commercial chemical cleaning solutions that cater to various industries. Our products are designed to deliver high performance and cost-effectiveness, ensuring reliable and efficient cleaning. Trust us to provide you with the best chemical cleaning solutions for your business needs.


  • Contract manufacturing allows our clients far greater control over all aspects of product design, specification, structure, etc. Our clients can specify the product design down to the component level. 

  • A benefit to working with B&B Blending is our manufacturing plant is directly next to our chemical lab.  We have the entire plant, and we cover everything from mass production, bottling/labeling, and logistics.

  • Utilizing B&B blending as your Contract manufacturer allows a more flexible approach to new projects, as it does not have to fit within an established product line or strategy. That means working with us is easier on new product development.

  • The technology and capability of our plant creates such a diverse range of sizing possibilities for the range your business needs. We scale with you. 

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Get a Free Quote On Contract Manufacturing

We work with many industries that require specific contract chemical blending and tolling. We work with small or large batches, from lab scale and scale up batches of 50 gallons or less to full production batches up to 7,000 gallons.

Thank you for submitting a quote request. We are going to review your request and respond to you as fast as we can. 

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