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Custom Blended Soaps and Cleaners For Businesses

Are You looking for a custom soap or cleaner for your business? Well look no further - you have landed on the very best place for that!

Welcome to B&B Blending. At B&B Blending we support each of our clients in their retail and e-commerce needs with multiple avenues to be successful. It just depends on where you are in your journey. We work with businesses in all categories from agriculture, automotive detailing, hospitality, marine care, and so many more!

Do you have an Idea for a soap or cleaning product and want to talk to one of our expert chemists?

We can help you with that.

Our chemistry team is fascinated with science and chemistry as a whole. Our chemistry team is a group of dedicated individuals that bring so many talents to the table, there isn't any soap or cleaning products that they cannot formulate, mirror, deconstruct, or improve upon.

Do you already have chemicals on your shelves to sell, but would like to explore your current formulations to see if we can blend your same product but with better margins for your bottom line?

We can help you with that too.

Sometimes the blend is effective but your cost drives your purchase price up, which in turn most likely drives away sales because of competitors beating or matching your pricing.

Do you need a new formulation to keep up with industry standards in your field?

We can do that!

In the industry there are always new chemistries that are discovered that reduce costs, solve a problem, or improve current performance. Getting in contact with us jump starts your process of improvement no matter what position you are starting from.

What ever your custom blending, branding/packaging needs are B&B Blending can help you achieve it!


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