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Frequently Asked Questions & Help Center

What’s the minimum order amount?

B&B Blending is a manufacturer of custom chemistries for companies all over the world. We do have an order dollar amount minimum. If you are looking for products but cannot (yet) meet a minimum order we do have distributors nation wide who can assist you in your chemistry inquiry. 

What’s the minimum order amount for custom chemistries or private labeling?

There is a $5,000 dollar order minimum for custom formulations and customized branding.  If you are more interested in selling our in-house brand of products without any custom branding the minimum order is $1,000. If the order is less than $1,000 then an additional administration fee is added to your invoicing.

Where can I find an SDS for a product that I buy from you? 

 There are three ways for you to access your SDS' for your products: 

1. Go to our Contact page and submit the form - tell us what you need. 

2. Reach out to your Account Manager via email or phone. 

3. Fill out the request form here and your account manager will respond with your requested files. 

How do I place an order?

Working with B&B Blending you are assigned a designated account manager. When it is time to place your first or another order your account manager will be happy to assist in adding products to your offering, or restocking your current inventory. You can easily reach your account manager by email or phone call.  Don't have an account manager? No worries, take the first step here. 

How  much will it cost to ship my order? 

Shipping costs will vary greatly depending on what you're ordering, where it is shipping to, and what shipping method you choose.  We do have discounted company FedEx and UPS rates, but if you have an account with either of those companies that you'd like to use, we can do that too.

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