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Custom Chemical Formulations

Handling raw material, Research & Development, and Product Compliance

all in one location.

At B&B Blending we have everything You Need To Take Your Idea From Concept To Reality. Work with our world class R&D team to create your product! Our team of chemists create ground breaking formulas using the newest technology, always keeping regulatory compliance at the forefront of their minds. We work with you hand in hand during the formula development process to ensure the final product meets all of your needs and expectations.

Don't know what you want or need yet, but know you need something? We can work with you through the process of discovery and our expert team will begin blending the appropriate formulation for your unique business needs. 

Custom Chemical Formulation B&B Blending

Custom Chemical Blending

Your Unique Blend
Our Technology

When it comes to custom blending solutions, B&B Blending  has one to meet every one of your needs. We provide chemicals, toll blending, and product innovation solutions for the competitive, varying needs of different industries—making custom simple. 

Water Drops

How It Works


Contact Us

Discuss Needs. At B&B Blending we work hand in hand with each of our specialty departments to create the product you desire. 



Build your offering! You can select from already created stock product and add your own branding, or completely customize your new branding, down to the colors and scents. 


Start Selling

This final stage is product in your hands, ready for your shelves and website to start selling. It is really that easy! 

Whats Next?

Call Us. Email Us. Chat. 

Whatever the method of communication is you prefer just start the process. Reaching out is the first step in getting your custom product ball rolling. 

If you would rather us reach out to you thats totally okay too. Drop your name and phone number in the form below and one of our team-members will contact you via your preferred method. 


10963 Leroy Dr, Northglenn, CO 




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