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Interior Care

Leather Car Interior

Leather Cleaners, Conditioners, and Protectants

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Interior Dressings

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Air Fresheners and Deodorizers

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Carpet & Fabric Cleaning

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Plastic, Vinyl & Rubber

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Interior Dressings


Our high-quality interior dressings protect your interior from UV damage, brings the depth of color back, and makes it shine like it is fresh off the lot. Not to mention -Make it smell fresh & clean! 

Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners & Deodorizers

From complete odor neutralizing, and sprayable liquid air fresheners- B&B Blending has you covered with a multitude of options to freshen up your interior. Get rid of smoke, food, moisture, unwanted smells with our odor neutralizers. Add a pleasant scent to your ride with our custom formulated liquid air fresheners.  

Car Seats
Leathe Cleaners and Conditoners

Leather Cleaners, Conditioners and protectants. 

Our Leather cleaners are specifically designed to clean leather in a way that is gentle and safe for the delicate material. Leather cleaners are able to remove dirt, grime, oils, and other contaminants without affecting the appearance of the surface. 

Our custom formulated Leather Cleaners can be pH neutral formulas that can safely be used on all interior leather surfaces. It can be safely used on faux leather too. Leather Cleaner will not add a shine to your seat, but leave it with a natural matte finish. It is free of silicones and other masking agents that can leave an unpleasant feel to a vehicles interior.

Our custom formulated Leather Conditioner helps nourish leather, preventing it from hardening over time. It does this by moisturizing the leather while providing protection against humidity and the sun’s UV rays. The idea is to treat leather like skin, ensuring it isn’t too wet or too dry. With regular use of conditioner, it’s possible to maintain the luxurious qualities that leather is known for. 

Leather Protectant helps keep your car’s leather interior looking new while protecting it from the Sun, heat, and humidity that car leather faces almost daily. Our protectant also helps with spills so adding a leather protectant to your offering allows you to position your services higher because you're also adding longevity to your customers interior. B&B Leather Protectants renew and revive leather’s natural beauty to preserve that rich, soft, supple look and feel that you love. 

Plastic, Vinyl, and Rubber

Plastic, Vinyl and Rubber

Vinyl fabric and surfaces are more commonly found in vehicles nowadays. Vinyl can easily absorb stains and will even deteriorate over time, so it’s important to clean it quickly before the stains set in. Keeping your vinyl clean and protected will keep car interiors looking and smelling great. Our Vinyl, Rubber, and Plastic cleaners will clean and condition interior surfaces like your vinyl trim, console, dash, and other interior surface materials as well. They are Safe and suitable for electronic screens too!  Clean your LCD navigation screen, steering wheel, and seats. Our Vinyl Rubber and Trim Cleaners will also clean and condition your glass, rubber, plastic, leather and more.

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Carpet and Fabric Cleaning

Carpet & Fabric Cleaning

Due to daily use, rising air pollution and dust; a car interior is quite dirty. Also, the littering done by the children, the quick bites in between meetings, the soiled footwear, pets dander, and hair are also responsible for making car interiors dirty. This activity causes germs and bacteria which are harmful to your health, and can increase sickness and allergies just from your vehicle. From dust and dirt, to mud and grime, thorough cleaning of the fabric and carpets can go a long way in preserving its resale value, keeping families healthy, and an interior  

Are you looking to add Interior care to your product line?

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