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Laboratory Services

B&B Blending can help you with all your Chemical testing, analysis, scientific research and development, inspection, certification, engineering, failure investigation, and product development needs. B&B Blending provides sampling, testing, weathering services, and more that are accurate and timely in order to meet our customer’s requirements. B&B Blending ensures our employees’ safety and environmental stewardship as well. We maintain a Quality Management System to continually improve our operations with customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal. We provide our clients with a One Stop Shop for a broad range of services, including sampling, quality testing, inspection, of customers’ products. 

Flashpoint Testing

Flashpoint testing measures the temperature at which a volatile material vaporizes, forming an ignitable mixture. Flashpoint testing is conducted to industry practice, including ASTM and other test standards. 

SETA Flash (Closed Cup Method) 

Optical Tensiometry

Optical Tensiometry is the method of characterizing properties of material surface and interfacial interactions between liquid, solid and gas phases. The shape of the drop is a function of the surface tension of the liquid, gravity, difference in density of the sample liquid and its surrounding medium, and the properties of the solid surface.

Coefficient of Friction

The coefficient of friction is a dimensionless variable that is useful in characterizing a material’s frictional properties.  Test data are dependent on the surface properties of materials like the sample’s surface cleanliness, roughness, surface energy, and the sliding angle. It is an important parameter that is crucial for product design, manufacturing, and evaluating a product’s performance.

QUV Weathering

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Abrasion Washability

​This Lab service tests a product's ability to resist wear. The different variations we provide are:

  • Friction: one part moves relative to the other

  • Scrubbing: wet or dry brush or sponge is moved over the test piece

  • Blast: abrasive particles are projected on to the test specimen


To ensure Quality assurance and quality control B&B Blending use optical emission spectroscopy testing for material identification, and composition. 

Separation Sciences

Separation Science Spectrophotometry is a method to measure and reverse engineer products

Pencil Hardness

The pencil hardness test, also referred to as the Wolff-Wilborn test, uses the varying hardness values of graphite pencils to evaluate a coating’s hardness.

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