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New Lab- Advanced Capabilities

The team at B&B Blending is excited to announce that we’ve recently completed the installation of our upgraded chemistry systems in our Lab at our headquarters in Colorado!

As our many customers can attest, we are at the cutting edge of formulation and flexible packaging technology when it comes to quality, materials, equipment, and capabilities; we want to make sure our partners are aware that we are also industry leaders when it comes to creativity, innovation, and ideas for your product line.

Our new Lab is just the latest of our many initiatives to provide unique solutions to our customers in diverse and a wider range of industries.

The improved lab will enable our current and future customers to elevate their brands through unique prototyping opportunities and can provide them with a chance to see their formulations take life in samples created for their testing and approval prior to the commitment and cost associated with a complete order.

Our state-of-the-art equipment in this lab gives us extensive capabilities for sample testing and performance verification in addition to the ability to reverse engineer products where that is desired.

Some of the capabilities of our Innovation Lab include:

  • FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared) Spectroscopy

  • HPLC

  • SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope)

  • Durability testing (scrub testing, QUV weathering testing)

  • Coating resistance to chemical exposures / humidity / abrasion

  • Contact angle

  • Coefficient of Friction (for slickness)

  • Flash Point testing

Oftentimes our customers come to us after the ideation phase of their product is in process. When we are able to work with our partners from the ground up when it comes to their product, label and packaging design, we find both brand management and product development teams we partner with are thrilled by the design features and economics of what we can build together.

Our Laboratory is the space we’ve created to facilitate the development of ever improving chemistries, and new to the industry evolution of possibilities.

In addition to the amazing benefits our Lab provides to our customers, it also is a place where our internal teams can perform R&D even more efficiently. We are always looking to source new, innovative, and more sustainable cleaning chemistries that we can then offer our customers.

Our chemists are industry experts and are keen on developing creative ways to transform products into solutions brands can use to improve their profitability.

If you want a true partner who is here to build a brand and product that will inform, perform, and transform, look no further than B&B Blending. We’d love to set up an innovation meeting with your company to begin working toward a better future.



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