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We Are Experts In

Chemical Formulation

Product Development

Custom Chemical Formulator, Chemistry Blender, white label packaging, specialty cleaners, design your own cleaning product

Quality Assurance & Regulations

What You Can Expect

from working with B&B Blending



Our team of experienced chemists create innovative formulas using the newest technology, while always keeping current and future regulatory compliance at the forefront of their minds.

Custom Chemical Formulators and blenders develop your brand

Quality Control

Onsite quality control and quality assurance conducts incoming raw material testing and ensures every production batch meets designated specifications.

Security Cameras


We take the security of your formulations seriously. All formulations are stored in a secure system with limited employee access. The facility is also secured with electronic monitoring.


Custom Blending Capabilities

B&B has the operational capability to fulfill your custom blending needs. You can custom formulate soaps & detergents, dressings, cleaners & degreasers, compounds & polishes, coatings,  and powders. In the initial stage of product development, we will create small samples for your testing purposes. 


Custom Packaging

During the manufacturing stage, we are capable of packaging your finished blends into an array of different types and size units: individual bottles, multi-wall bags, bag in box, composite drums, canisters, and bulk totes.

Industries We Work In

Our clients are global

and our connections are diverse, from companies in Europe, Japan, Korea, India, Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America, as well as companies throughout the United States and Canada.

No Matter Your Facility Size- We Can Help. 

We’re comfortable with large, small and International audiences.


We understand the uniqueness of speaking to multi-national corporations versus small business owners, franchisees and family businesses. 

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